Research Center for Policy Design


 TUPD Discussion Papers 2022

-019 Expenditure Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
菊池 淳一, 長尾 遼也, 中園 善行
-018 Willingness to Pay for Pesticide-free Vegetables: A Trade-off between Appearance and Pesticide Use
野原 克仁
*001 改訂版
両側異質性:中間財貿易への新しい含意 Two-sided Heterogeneity: New Implications for Input Trade
荒 知宏
-016 Are Public Employees and People with High Public Service Motivation Risk-Averse?
林 嶺那, 森川 想, 小島 健, 鶴田 まなみ
-015 When the Celtic Tiger relaxed its corporate tax bite: An analysis of the effects on the top and upper middle income shares in Ireland
Niklas Uliczka
-014 Tax Salience and Attention Variation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
石田 森里, 中園 善行
-013 Excess Liquidity against Predation
図斎 大
-012 Revelation principle under strategic uncertainty: application to financial contracts with limited liability
図斎 大
-011 Adjustment costs in dynamically optimal pricing of a network good
図斎 大
-010 The Quantity Quality Trade-off of Children and Quality of High School
暮石 渉, 若林 緑, Colin McKenzie, 坂田 圭
-009 Financial relief policy and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic
Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao, Stanley Iat-Meng Ko, and Nan Zhou
-008 フリーライダー問題と主権保護 Free-Rider Problem and Sovereignty Protection
松島 斉
-007 The Role of Venture Capital in an Endogenously Growing Economy
Peichang Zhang
-006 ardl: Estimating autoregressive distributed lag and equilibrium correction models
Sebastian Kripfganz, and Daniel C. Schneider
-005 Non-point source pollution control policy for stochastic but constant environmental damage
澤田 英司, 新熊 隆嘉, 日引 聡
-004 Optimal Inspection under Moral Hazard and Limited Liability of Polluter
新熊 隆嘉, 日引 聡, 澤田 英司
-003 Economic variable selection
宮脇 幸治, Steven N. MacEachern
-002 アジアの潜在成長力に対する「高齢化税」 The Aging Tax on Potential Growth in Asia
Tran Quang-Thanh
-001 両側異質性:中間財貿易への新しい含意 Two-sided Heterogeneity: New Implications for Input Trade
荒 知宏

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