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 TUPD Discussion Papers 2021

-012 Capacity to Adapt to Temperature Effects on Crop Yields: Evidence from Rice Production in Japan
柯 宜均, 内田 真輔, 日引 聡
-011 Natural Disasters, Social Isolation and Alcohol Consumption in the Long Run: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake
柿本 大輝, 内田 真輔
-010 部分的株式所有を伴う企業間提携の理論分析
森田 穂高, 秋山 薫平, 荒 知宏, 野口 翔右, Arghya Ghosh (アーゴ・ゴーシュ)
-009 Estimating the Effects of Regulating University Face-to-Face Lectures on the Spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Japan
岡地 迪尚, 尹 海圓
-008 Optimal Tariffs when the Trade Elasticity Varies
荒 知宏
-007 Natural Disasters and Firm Selection: Heterogeneous Effects of Flooding Events on Manufacturing Sectors in Japan
吉田 惇, 内田 真輔, 野原 克仁, 日引 聡
-006 The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Income Inequality: A Synthetic Control Analysis
Gabriel Fuentes Cordoba & Niklas Uliczka
-005 The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Top Income Shares
Niklas Uliczka
-004 Dishonesty and Future Public Servant’s Identity
小島 健, 鶴田 まなみ, 林 嶺那, 森川 想
-003 Lyapunov’s direct method for stability of a set and its transitivity under a differential inclusion
図斎 大
-002 Evolutionary dynamics in heterogeneous populations: a general framework for an arbitrary type distribution
図斎 大
-001 Using contingent behavior analysis to estimate benefits from coral reefs in Kume Island, Japan: A Poisson-inverse Gaussian approach with on-site correction
野原 克仁, 生川 雅紀, 日引 聡

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