Research Center for Policy Design


 TUPD Discussion Papers

TUPD-2023-009 Regional dependencies and local spillovers: Insights from commuter flows
Melanie Krause, Sebastian Kripfganz
TUPD-2023-008 生活保護制度の出口政策と労働インセンティンブ
湯田 道生
TUPD-2023-007 Identification and Estimation of Production Function with Unobserved Heterogeneity
笠原 博幸, Paul Schrimpf, 鈴木 通雄
TUPD-2023-006 The Impacts of Climate Change on Farmers and Indigenous Peoples’ Consumption: Evidence from Panama
Ambar Lineth Chavez Espinosa, 日引 聡
TUPD-2023-005 How Does Flood Affect Children Differently? The Impact of Flood on Children’s Education, Labor, Food Consumption, and Cognitive Development
Chinh Thi Tuyet Mai, 日引 聡
TUPD-2023-004 A Bayesian analysis of vegetable production in Japan
日引 聡, 宮脇 幸治
TUPD-2023-003 Subjective Monetary Policy Shocks
丹後 健人, 中園 善行
TUPD-2023-002 A Dynamic Analysis of Chinese Yuan (RMB) Internationalization with Bayesian-Based Time Series Model
Zihe Li, 永易 淳
Optimal Inspection under Moral Hazard and Limited Liability of Polluter
新熊 隆嘉, 日引 聡, 澤田 英司

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