A R C H I V E S

  • 2023

  • JUN 20, 2023  Research Center for Policy Design seminar series
  • Subjective Monetary Policy Shocks
  • Prof. Yoshiyuki Nakazono
    Visiting Prof./Professor, International Management, Yokohama City University
  • 2022
  • 25-26 OCT, 2022 Workshop for Ph.D. students
  • Microeconometric Methods for
    Linear Panel Data Models
  • Dr. Sebastian Kripfganz
    Visiting Associate Professor
    Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter Business School
JUL22, 2022 Inseikai Tohoku Summber Talks
The Rise of the Digital Era
  • 2021

Discussion Papers
-004 Substitution of Human and Physical Capitals in Farm Adaptation to Extreme Temperatures: Evidence from Corn Yields in US
Yi-Chun Ko, Shinsuke Uchida and Akira Hibiki
*Revision of 2023-003
Subjective Monetary Policy Shocks
Kento Tango and Yoshiyuki Nakazono
-002 Input Tariff in Oligopoly: Entry, Heterogeneity, and Demand Curvature
Tomohiro Ara
-001 Tariffs on Input Trade Margins under Vertical Oligopoly: Theory and Evidence
Tomohiro Ara
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014 Regional Policies’ Impacts on Urban Migration: Evidence from Special Economic Zones in China Shutong Zhang and Jun Nagayasu
013 Financial Systemic Risk behind Artificial Intelligence: Evidence from China Jingyi Tian and Jun Nagayasu
012 The Effect of Bank Recapitalization Policy on Credit Allocation, Investment, and Productivity: Evidence from a Banking Crisis in Japan
Hiroyuki Kasahara, Yasuyuki Sawada, and Michio Suzuki
011 Trade with Search Frictions: Identifying New Gains from Trade Tomohiro Ara
010 Information Effects of Monetary PolicyYusuke Tanahara, Kento Tango, and Yoshiyuki Nakazono
009 Regional dependencies and local spillovers: Insights from commuter flowsMelanie Krause, Sebastian Kripfganz
008 An exit policy from public assistance and work incentives (in Japanese with English summary) Michio Yuda
007 Identification and Estimation of Production Function with Unobserved HeterogeneityHiroyuki Kasahara, Paul Schrimpf, and Michio Suzuki
006 The Impacts of Climate Change on Farmers and Indigenous Peoples’ Consumption: Evidence from Panama Ambar Lineth Chavez Espinosa and Akira Hibiki
005 How Does Flood Affect Children Differently? The Impact of Flood on Children’s Education, Labor, Food Consumption, and Cognitive Development
Chinh Thi Tuyet Mai and Akira Hibiki
004 A Bayesian analysis of vegetable production in JapanAkira Hibiki and Koji Miyawaki
003 Subjective Monetary Policy Shocks Kento Tango and Yoshiyuki Nakazono
002 A Dynamic Analysis of Chinese Yuan (RMB) Internationalization with Bayesian-Based Time Series Model Zihe Li and Jun Nagayasu
001 *22-04改訂版 Optimal Inspection under Moral Hazard and Limited Liability of Polluter Takayoshi Shinkuma, Akira Hibiki, and Eiji Sawada

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019 Expenditure Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Reona Hayashi, So Morikawa, Takeshi Ojima, and Manami Tsuruta
018 Willingness to Pay for Pesticide-free Vegetables: A Trade-off between Appearance and Pesticide Use Katsuhito Nohara
017 *Revised 001 Two-sided Heterogeneity: New Implications for Input Trade Tomohiro Ara
016 Are Public Employees and People with High Public Service Motivation Risk-Averse? Reona Hayashi, So Morikawa, Takeshi Ojima, and Manami Tsuruta
015 When the Celtic Tiger relaxed its corporate tax bite: An analysis of the effects on the top and upper middle income shares in Ireland Niklas Uliczka
014 Tax Salience and Attention Variation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Shinri Ishida and Yoshiyuki Nakazono
013 Excess Liquidity against Predation Dai Zusai
012 Revelation principle under strategic uncertainty: application to financial contracts with limited liability Dai Zusai
011 Adjustment costs in dynamically optimal pricing of a network good Dai Zusai
010 The Quantity Quality Trade-off of Children and Quality of High School Wataru Kureishi, Midori Wakabayashi, Colin McKenzie, and Kei Sakata
009 Financial relief policy and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao, Stanley Iat-Meng Ko, and Nan Zhou
008 Free-Rider Problem and Sovereignty Protection Hitoshi Matsushima
007 The Role of Venture Capital in an Endogenously Growing Economy Peichang Zhang
006 ardl: Estimating autoregressive distributed lag and equilibrium correction models Sebastian Kripfganz, and Daniel C. Schneider
005 Non-point source pollution control policy for stochastic but constant environmental damage Eiji Sawada, Takayoshi Shinkuma, and Akira Hibiki
004 Optimal Inspection under Moral Hazard and Limited Liability of Polluter Takayoshi Shinkuma, Akira Hibiki, and Eiji Sawada
003 Economic variable selection Koji Miyawaki and Steven N. MacEachern
002 The Aging Tax on Potential Growth in Asia Tran Quang-Thanh
001 Two-sided Heterogeneity: New Implications for Input Trade Tomohiro Ara

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012 Capacity to Adapt to Temperature Effects on Crop Yields: Evidence from Rice Production in Japan Yi-Chun Ko, Shinsuke Uchida, and Akira Hibiki
011 Natural Disasters, Social Isolation and Alcohol Consumption in the Long Run: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake Taiki Kakimoto and Shinsuke Uchida
010 Inter-firm alliances accompanied by partial equity ownership: Theoretical analyses (Japanese) H. Morita, K. Akiyama, T. Ara, S. Noguchi, and A. Ghosh
009 Estimating the Effects of Regulating University Face-to-Face Lectures on the Spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Japan Michinao Okachi and Haewon Youn
008 Optimal Tariffs when the Trade Elasticity Varies Tomohiro Ara
007 Natural Disasters and Firm Selection: Heterogeneous Effects of Flooding Events on Manufacturing Sectors in Japan J. Yoshida, S. Uchida, K. Nohara, & A. Hibiki
006 The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Income Inequality: A Synthetic Control Analysis Gabriel Fuentes Cordoba & Niklas Uliczka
005 The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Top Income Shares Niklas Uliczka
004 Dishonesty and Future Public Servant’s Identity Takeshi Ojima, Manami Tsuruta, Reona Hayashi, and So Morikawa
003 Lyapunov’s direct method for stability of a set and its transitivity under a differential inclusion Dai Zusai
002 Evolutionary dynamics in heterogeneous populations: a general framework for an arbitrary type distribution Dai Zusai
001 Using contingent behavior analysis to estimate benefits from coral reefs in Kume Island, Japan: A Poisson-inverse Gaussian approach with on-site correction Katsuhito Nohara, Masaki Narukawa, and Akira Hibiki