International Workshop on Marketing and Data Science

JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)17H01001
Center for Data Science and Service Research


December 6(Fri)

Opening Address 9:25-9:30
  Nobuhiko Terui (Tohoku University)
Session 1    9:30-11:35

 Chair : Masataka Ban (University of Tsukuba)
  1-1  P. K. Kannan (University of Maryland) (50 min)
     "Identifying Competitive Market Structures: A Deep Network Representation Learning Approach"
  1-2  Sotaro Katsumata (Osaka University) (25min)
     "Measuring Indirect Effects of Advertising Through Mass and Social Media"
  1-3  Yinxing Li (Tohoku University) (25min)
     "A Multi-generation Product Diffusion Model with Social Media Effects"
  1-4  Tsukasa Ishigaki (Tohoku University) (25min)
     "Customer Data Analysis on Graph Signal Processing"

 Lunch: 11:35-13:00

Session 2    13:00-15:05

 Chair : Fumiyo Kondo (University of Tsukuba)
  2-1  Thomas Otter (Goethe University) (50min)
     "Bayesian Consumer Profiling"
  2-2  Masataka Ban (University of Tsukuba) (25min)
     "A New Inventory Classification Criterion for Retail CRM"
  2-3  Satoshi Nakano (Intage Inc.) (25min)
     "Customer Segmentation with Purchase Channels and Media Touchpoints using Single Source Panel Data"
  2-4  Aijing Xing  (25min)
     "Challenges of Modeling on Digital Marketing for Insurance"

 Coffee Break: 15:05-15:25

Session 3    15:25-17:10  
<Student Session>

 Chair : Tsukasa Ishigaki (Tohoku University)
  3-1  Linh Nguyen (15min)
    "Domain-to-domain Translation Model for Recommender System"
  3-2  Mirai Igarashi (15min)
    " A Model for Social Infulence on Topic of Users Contents Generating Behavior"
  3-3  Toshikuni Sato (15min)
    "Nonlinear Estimation and Visualization by Neural Network for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research"
  3-4  Kachun Lo (15min)
    "Matching Novelty while Training"
  3-5  Yosuke Sakai (15min)
    " Recommendation via User's Personality and Product Features Extracted from Text"
  3-6  Yu Tomita (15min)
    "Understanding Consumer Evaluation Axis for Products using Natural Language Processing on Amazon Review Data"
  3-7  Anqi Li (15min)
    "The Geography of World Happyness: Spatial Analysis in the Peoples's Life Satisfaction" 

Reception: 17:30-19:30


December 7(Sat)

Session 4    9:30-11:10

 Chair : Junji Nakano (Chuo University)
  4-1  Greg Allenby (Ohio State University) (50min)
    "Improving Text Analysis Using Sentence Conjunctions and Punctuation"
  4-2 Wirawan Dony Dahana (Osaka University) (25min)
    "The Effect of Paid Search Advertisement on Used Car Demand: The Moderating Role of Advertiser Credibility "
  4-3 Shohei Hasegawa (Housei University) (25min)
    "Estimating the Causality of Customer Satisfaction using a Quantile Regression Model"

Coffee Break: 11:10-11:20

Session 5    11:20-13:00

  Chair : Wirawan Dony Dahana (Osaka University)
  5-1  Jaehwan Kim (Korea University) (50min)
    "Capturing Substitutions using Flexible Utility Function for Outside Good"
  5-2  Nobuhiko Terui (Tohoku University) (25min)
    "Measuring Large Scale Market Response and Forecasting for Aggregated and Disaggregated Sales"
  5-3  Kazuhiro Miyatsu (The Nielsen Company) (25min)
    "Consumers Emotional Impact to Shopping Behavior: Joint Modeling of Shopping Amount and Interval"

Lunch: 13:00-14:00

Session 6    14:00-15:40

  Chair : Yasumasa Matsuda (Tohoku University)
  6-1   Anthony Hayter (University of Denver) (50min)
    "Efficient Computation for Stochastic Behavior Problems"
  6-2  Junji Nakano (Chuo University) (25min)
    "Visualizing Aggregated Symbolic Data with Continuous and Categorical Variables"
  6-3  Takaki Sato (Tohoku University) (25min)
    "The Effect of Air Pollution on Housing Price: A Semiparametric Spatial Econometrics Approach"

Closing Address   15:40-15:50

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